cooperation projects KWETU ni KWENU

In cooperation with our Partners from Austria ´”KWETU ni KWENU” we try to set up a structure which enables creative exchange between people involved in the local community projects in Austria and Tanzania/Lushoto. We also promote project activities, touristic services, sale of handicrafts and arts and search for new ways of Marketing and Networking. Besides that Kwetu ni Kwenu serves as a bridge to raise awareness about cultural diversity and differences in lifestyles and promotes intercultural exchange with a special focus on young people in Austria.

Projects and activities we implement in cooperation with Kwetu:
+ Organisation of and participation in the Charity Event “Bongo Flavour” in Austria, UpperAustria (every year in late summer):
+ Representation at different charities and Promotion activities
+ Sale of products & handicrafts
+ Networking with other Organisations and private donors
+ implementation of Workshops (awarenessraising/sensitization Workshops):
* Dunia ndogo – the small world: participants get the possibility to learn about daily life in the Usambara Mountains
(touchable & with interactive materials)
+ Projects to promote exchange between Designers & Artists in Tanzania & Austria:
* 2013: Fashion Show: FESCH’n’ART:

Get more Information about our common activities (Information mainly in german):

More about our recent project “Fesch’n’Art” – fashion show:
At the Charity “BongoFlavour” we will create space for designers/tailors from the region to present their individual works with Tanzanian materials and also encourage them to produce clothes which could be inspiration & samples for our Tanzanian tailors – not only to give inputs & ideas for sale on european and tourism markets but also to show simple techniques to improve the quality of their work. So we try to bundle ideas, skills & exchange and also try to promote the project “Tupande Outfit” and its products to sell. Additionally we aim to raise some funds through the sale of the presented design works for skills-improvement-workshops or trainings for our tailors in Lushoto.
check out the information in German:

More about our workshop “Dunia ndogo” (= the small world): through the workshop we ty to raise awareness about differences in lifestyles and living conditions. We want to sensitize exspecially youth from Austria so they expand their understanding for different cultures and societies in General and for Tanzania and the Usambaras specifically. Participants got the possibility to try out certain typical Task of daily life in Usambara (carrying water, cooking and stiring “ugali”, the common meal of Tanzanians, create playing items of children …) and get a touch of what daily life could be like for a Tanzanian, youth from Usambara.

More about the Charity BONGOFLAVOUR in Redleiten/Upper Austria:
Represented through “Kwetu ni Kwenu” we participate in the charity Event “Bongo Flavour” which aims to create awareness and promote
+ solidarity with partnes from Tanzania
+ the diversity of arts- especially from the Region
+ a sustainable Lifestyle through conscious use of ressóurces and consumation of goods out of local/regional and organic production
Check out:


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