Cultural Activities & Arts

In Lushoto District most of the people are from the tribe of the Wasambaa but there are many people with different origins like Wapare from the neighbouring Pare Mountains, people from the tribe of the Wakilindi who are said to be the first settlers within the history of Usambara, the Wambughu whose orgin reaches back to the bantu-migration all the way down from Ethiopia, people from the tribe of the Wachagga who come from the north of Tanzania amongst others from different parts of the country who settle in Lushoto District. The co-existence of quite many different cultural backgrounds and the growing influence of tourism in the area can be a vital basis for a process of mutual exchange, re-defining cultural values, reviving cultural activities and traditions and raising awareness for peaceful interaction between people of different backgrounds.

Many communities within Lushoto District are still strongly linked to their cultural heritage and their traditional roots. However, different influences and changes hinder exspecially young people to integrate cultural activities and traditions into their daily life. Many people lack opportunities to participate in artistic or cultural activities which would help them to improve their skills, exchange ideas with people and get engaged within their home environment. Cultural activities and arts can be used as a way to give way for creativity and expression of thought. Music, arts and traditional activities can help to create a feeling of oneness and solidarity which is needed for building up trust within the society. Getting engaged into cultural activities and the revival of traditional knowledge will make people be aware of their roots, their valuable heritage and of their abilities and can help to encourage people to get active and improve their lives.

Our objective is
to use cultural activities and arts as a tool to create space for creativity, expression of thought, peacebuilding, social integration and to promote the revival of knowledge about the tradtion and the cultural heritage.

With our activities we try to connect the opportunities available through tourism and visitors of the region with the knowledge found in the local communities. We work together with elders and traditional healers or community initiatives who can provide knowledge about traditional heritage and forward it to visitors or younger generations.

We also encourage artists and traditional handicraft producers to improve their skills, use creativity in their work and to integrate their acitivities into our tourism programme.
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  1. sarah says:

    How many dominant tribes in lushoto

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