Handicrafts & Arts

With the production of handicrafts we try to involve people (with a focus on women and local young artists) in order create income-generating activities and to assist them with access to market. Through our tourism programme and through the support of our partner organisation KWETU ni KWENU (www.kwetu.at) we sell our products and use the profit out of the sale for our project work. We try to help the groups with skills-improvement (business skills, creativity and production of innovative products, artistic-or craft- skills for economic activities,…) and we plan to run some workshops in the near future to achieve this.

If you would like to purchase some of our products please contact using the following email-adresses:

Some more information about our project activities:

TUPANDE OUTFIT is a project to support local tailors with access to market, skills-improvement, advice and promotion. Competition and lack of work/ orders is big challenge for the women on the local tailoring market. They have relatively high running costs and little access to market. Through the production of new products for tourists and for the outside market we try to help them to stabilize their income.

TUPANDE SEEDS & BEADS is a project to support exspecially young mothers who do not have any stable income with income-generating-activities such as producing bead works and other handicrafts. Through theses activities we also try to encourage them to acquire some new skills.

LOCAL ARTISTS from Lushoto also lack access to market and promotion of their works. Through our activities we give them an opportunity to use our organisation as a network for the promotion of their products & works and encourage them to be innovative and creative while improving their skills.

We also involve groups of traditional handicrafts producers (like the women pottery group from the village Malomboi) in order to add value on their handicrafts and support the conservation of these traditional skills. The sale of pottery and other things like woven baskets a.o. also helps them to get some extra income.

TUPANDE encourages the exchange between the artists and producers of local handicrafts in order to create more opportunities for market and skills-improvment.

We want to make all the great skills and abilities of the local people visible and contribute to the conservation and the promotion of traditional arts.

Feel welcome to contribute your ideas and give us some feedback!