our reason to exist

In our organisation people with different individual backgrounds who live in Lushoto District have come together to search for ways to overcome challenges for sustainable community development. We try to find solutions for the improvement of the quality of life in Lushoto. To do so we want to offer a new approach and additional services to what is already there and what can be used as potentials.

Since we recognize that development issues have to be dealt with within a broad context we think that a successful approach is to provide an extented field of interventions within our Organisation and link up our projects with each other.

Our members and staff are people who have experienced life in Lushoto District with all its challenges and beautiful sides. Recognizing the difficulties and standing up to find new paths on the way made us found the Organisation. And we keep on developing –
keep on searching for paths….
…..up the hills and mountains
… to the improvement of life…TUPANDE!…


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