Lushoto District has become a considerable destination for tourists half way between the most frequented places like Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. Its favoured touristic characteristics are a large variety of wonderful landscapes, views and natural rainforests and the possibility for tourists to get into touch with rural life and local people on their walks through the villages.

Tourism has many different faces and so there are also different demands by different types of visitors. Demands which we have recognized from a big number of visitors is the experience to get into touch with the local people and to learn more about the rural community life with its traditional backgrounds and cultural heritage.

With TUPANDE Usambara Cultural Tours – Community based Tourism & Intercultural Exchange we try to create opportunities for both local people and visitors to get to know each other. Intercultural exchange offers so many experiences for every individual and contributes a lot to a person’s “lessons of life”.

Tourism has a great potential if it is used as a tool for the local people and by the people themselves to step out of poverty. It has the power to bring a new perspective into the process of community development if there is a strategy which guides all stakeholders of the area.

We see the need for a strategy to use tourism as a tool which can help to generate income, to build up and strengthen local markets, to create economic value-chains and assist in lifting up the natural, the economic and the cultural/traditional values of the area. Tourism can serve as tool to combine different important fields of action within the process of local/rural community development (like rural economies, agriculture and environment, culture and arts and others) and serve as a catalysator for change.

That is why …
TUPANDE Usambara Lushoto aims to use tourism as way to alleviate poverty, conserve the environment and the cultural heritage and to encourage exchange between local people and visitors of the District.

We try to set up our tourism programme in a way that it serves as a bridge to combine all our activities and to facilitate other projects in order to promote local community development. Through our programme we want to make the potentials and opportunities of Lushoto District work for a sustainable and community based tourism in Usambara.


Community based tourism & Intercultural Exchange

We want to use tourism as a tool to combine our areas of work and as a bridge to facilitate different community projects in order to promote local community development.
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