Tupande Usambara Cultural Tours – Community based tourism


Community based tourism & Intercultural Exchange

Responsible tourism can contribute to lifting up the economic, environmental and socio-cultural value of the area.

We want to use tourism as a tool to create income-generating opportunities for the local people so they can improve their living conditions and as a way to facilitate different community projects which contribute to local community development. Not only can tourism bring economic opportunities for local people but it has a huge potential to serve as a tool for raising the awareness of local people about the value of their cultural and natural heritage and the importance to preserve it for their own benefit and for the coming generations.

So we try to involve people and initiatives from our partner villages into touristic activities and encourage them to use tourism as a chance to
– raise some extra income through tourism as a source for market
– aquire new skills
– be creative and find new solutions for the improvement of their living situation
– be conscious of their heritage and its value

Our tours (day-tours and mulitple-day-tours) lead through villages where we involve initiatives and groups or individuals through economic activities, environmental protection or cultural activities:

+ We have prepared specific cultural tours in order to raise the awareness about traditional heritage and local knowledge and create opportunities for tourists and visitors to get into touch with local people and get a touch of daily life and the cultural background of Lushoto District and the Usambaras.

+ We also provide nature-tours and eco-touristic activities. Through awarenessraising in the partner-villages and support through specific project work like treeplanting and environmental education we try to contribute to the improvement of natural ressource Management and conservation of natural heritage.
Take a closer look at our activities to promote environmental protection: https://tupandeusambara.wordpress.com/tupande-miti-lets-plant-trees/

+ Through skills-improvement with our tourist guides we try to further develop our services in order to guarantee professional tour guiding and
raise the awareness among local people as well as visitors of the area about the great value of the cultural and biological diversity of the Usambara Mountains and its importance to be revived/restored and preserved.

Check out our TOURS & SERVICES: https://tupandeusambara.wordpress.com/tours-services/

We encourage young, local artists to produce some new and creative products or present their traditional arts in our Tourist Office. So they get the chance to sell some of their products and find ways to raise some income.
Through small income-generating projects (Tupande Outfit and Tupande Seeds&Beads: production of bags, clothes, pouches, bead works, bracelets, small souvenirs) we give opportunities to young women to earn some money and acquire new skills.

Check out which Souvenirs & handicrafts & art products we have: https://tupandeusambara.wordpress.com/shop-at-tupande/
For more information on the projects: https://tupandeusambara.wordpress.com/handicrafts-arts/


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